Year 7 is perhaps one of the most important stage in the life of a child education. This is a bridging year between the primary and secondary school. Students must be guided and nurtured in a proper way so that they can adapt well to the new way of learning at higher levels in the secondary. We offer Year 7 Tutoring in three main subjects (1) English, (2) Mathematics and (3) Science.

At School No.1, our year 7 curriculum is focused on setting the basic framework in all subjects. Our year 7 students are introduced to new and difficult topics – topics which they must be comfortable with as they will apply them repeatedly in their later years.

In Science, we cover numerous topics from all three areas: Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

In English, students will be taught in all basic areas: grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, oral presentations, and writing.

With Mathematics, students will develop the skills required for all areas of the subject: Number, Algebra, Shapes and Data.

Our year 7 students also receive training and preparation for NAPLAN.

By the end of year 7, all our students would acquire basic skills and knowledge that allow them to comfortably tackle the extended topics in year 8.

All students will be assessed at the end of every topic in every subject.