This is the most important year of a student life. Students must be trained to calm and sustain their mental strength under endured pressures of highly intensive competitions of VCE.

In each topic, each chapter, lessons are prepared in such a way that students can acquire their knowledge in the shortest time and last for the longest period. In doing so, our teachers must deliver the lesson with a crystal clear explanation and lessons are summarised in the most concise format so that all concepts can be easily memorised and understood.

Every note, question or problem used in our lectures are authentically prepared and copyright protected. They are not only high quality, relevant to the VCE examinations but also legitimate.

All Year 12 classes are allocated in prime spots in our timetable to maximise students’ efficiency in their study while time can be saved most.

Five separate subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Further Mathematics are offered for VCE students at the School No. 1.

Throughout Year 12, students are intensively prepared for final year examinations. Times and again, students are vigorously tested in all aspects of each subject. The results collected from these robust tests are the foundation to predict their final outcome. Different levels of testing are designed and carried out properly to keep students in a continuously revised mode.

During this final year, each student will be interviewed twice to detect his/her character and hence suitable career path is properly advised and addressed.