Class-Category: Middle School Levels

Year 6 is an important year to prepare students for secondary school. At School No.1, year 6 students spend the year in private (one-on-one) lessons, learning: Science, English, and Mathematics.

In private lessons, our teachers pay close attention to consolidating foundational areas of English and Mathematics. Students will also be able to learn new topics that are central to secondary Mathematics.

Year 6 students also have the opportunity to become familiar with Science – a subject that would be rather new to them. Our teachers guide them through Science so that they won’t be overwhelmed when they learn it in high school.

This will also be their first time to handle assessments. At School No.1, we test our students at the end of every single topic from year 6 all through to year 12.

Year 7 is perhaps one of the most important stage in the life of a child education. This is a bridging year between the primary and secondary school. Students must be guided and nurtured in a proper way so that they can adapt well to the new way of learning at higher levels in the secondary. We offer Year 7 Tutoring in three main subjects (1) English, (2) Mathematics and (3) Science.

At School No.1, our year 7 curriculum is focused on setting the basic framework in all subjects. Our year 7 students are introduced to new and difficult topics – topics which they must be comfortable with as they will apply them repeatedly in their later years.

In Science, we cover numerous topics from all three areas: Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

In English, students will be taught in all basic areas: grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, oral presentations, and writing.

With Mathematics, students will develop the skills required for all areas of the subject: Number, Algebra, Shapes and Data.

Our year 7 students also receive training and preparation for NAPLAN.

By the end of year 7, all our students would acquire basic skills and knowledge that allow them to comfortably tackle the extended topics in year 8.

All students will be assessed at the end of every topic in every subject.

In Science, students will continue to learn topics from all three disciplines: Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. However, at School No.1, we prepare our year 8 students to have a sound and thorough understanding in foundational Chemistry. New students who have missed our year 8 Science course, have to undertake additional private lessons to catch up with the class level.

In English, students continue to develop their skills in all areas. The focus for year 8 would be advanced vocabulary, essay structure, and text analysis. This allows them to enhance their written expressions and have a mature understanding of media.

In Mathematics, students learn advanced topics in all areas, particularly in algebra, graphs, and measurement.

Semester 1 of our year 8 curriculum also includes preparation and training for the Selective School Examinations.

All students will be assessed at the end of every topic in every subject.

Year 9 is a continuation and streamline of the middle school. Students are re–focused and smoothed their progress that has been acquired in the previous years in all streams – English, Science, and Mathematics.

Knowledge and skills of students are further enriched and enhanced so that they can successfully achieve the requirements in NAPLAN test.

For English, apart from compulsory reading comprehension and essay writing (at medium length, about 300 words essay), students are trained to read and successfully respond two different novels at medium length.

At School No.1, our year 10 is set up as a foundation year for VCE level.

Science of year 10 completely separates two distinctive subjects, Chemistry and Physics. They are both in advanced levels involved with Unit One of Year 11 Chemistry or Physics.

In English, students will only learn the areas that will be required for their VCE English exam. They will develop their analysis and their writing through texts, films, articles, and images.

Mathematics of year 10 will be extended one unit of year 11 level. Year 10 Mathematics curriculum are specifically prepared so that students are introduced and familiarised with different disciplines of the VCE Mathematics i.e. Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics or Further Mathematics. At the end of Year 10, students can have a clear mind about their choice for the VCE levels.

Year 10 curricula is designed as the stage 1 of our VCE program. At the end of this year level, we hold annual VCE information evenings for both parents and students to clearly explain what and why certain subjects should be chosen for particular students. Following the information evenings, students will have a private consultation for subject selections and university courses.