About Us

Dr. Long Thanh Nguyen
B.Sc; MD; PhD

School No. 1 has been founded by Dr. Long Thanh Nguyen since 2002.

All Curricula, lessons, worksheets or examination papers are written and copyright protected by Dr. Long Thanh Nguyen. They are prepared consistent with the study guides published by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, VCAA, Department of Education in Victoria.

Classroom teachers at the School No. 1 are qualified from prestigious universities and further trained and guided by Dr. Nguyen for every level and every subject.
Dr. Nguyen and his team of teachers have worked very hard to deliver the best outcome to all students who enroll at the School No. 1. Ability and performance of each student are closely monitored so that the best progress can be achieved for each individual.

We teach our students how to learn a new concept with the best understandable and comprehensive means. We train our teachers how to work with students not only persistently but also committedly. Our teachers not only teach students but learn students’ behaviours, capabilities, as well as their limits so that appropriate methods can be applied.

Our philosophy in teaching is not just about “teaching and learning” as its mere meaning. We have committed our heart and mind for a lifetime career in education to enrich and enhance students’ knowledge and to prosper our nation through education.

We believe that knowledge is the most precious commodity of a country. A teacher, an educator must utmostly uphold the responsibility and obligation to pass on knowledge and experiences to the next generations. Furthermore, knowledge must be multiplied and extended to new horizons by proper education through devout teachers.

Once students come to us, they are part of our family. We welcome them at the beginning. We look after all of those who commit to taking hard training days under our care, and we happily to see off successful students who have completed their intellectually learning journey with us. We wish them to fly high and fly far in their careers on our national stage and in a vast wide world abroad.